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TAIDEN 20th Anniversary



TAIDEN 20th Anniversary Celebration & Press Conference for New Products
Sep 6th 2016
On august 30th 2016, TAIDEN had its twentieth anniversary celebration and press conference for new products held in China National Convention Center, Beijing. Leaders from state ministries, over 500 experts from industry associations, research institutes and colleges, top integrators, and friends from the media, as well as TAIDEN domestic and global partners, all together over one thousand guests attended.
TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was established in 1996. Over the past twenty years, it is devoted to the research and development of conference systems and digital AV technologies and has made many firsts in this field. TADEIN leads the industry of paperless multimedia conference systems and wireless conference systems. It is the editor in chief of national standards for conference systems and has taken part in formulation of international standards for conference systems. All these make TAIDEN a technological leader in international conferencing industry. As for branding and marketing, TAIDEN insists in building itself into an elite brand and focusing on the high-end market. Its successful projects include UN headquarters, COE headquarters, G20, APEC and many other top conferencing projects in the world. The 2016 G20 in Hangzhou also chooses TAIDEN conference systems.
2016 marks the 20th anniversary of TAIDEN. Under the theme of “twenty years hand in hand, future glories together we achieve”, the celebration event takes place in China National Convention Center, Beijing, along with the press conference for TAIDEN new products.
TAIDEN received guests from state ministries, associations including China Entertainment Technology Association, China Association for Educational Technology, China Exploration and Design Association, its Engineering Intelligent Design Branch and Building Electrical Engineering Design Branch, China Construction Industry Association, Translator Association of China, AESC of the Chinese Institute of Electronics and China Association of Recording Engineers, 68 research institutes including China Architecture Design and Research Group, China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research, China Electronics Engineering Design Institute, Engineering Design and Research Institute of PLA General Armaments Department, and also academics from over 20 prestigious universities in China, such as Qsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhejiang University.
The event draws attention from the media circle as well. Over 100 public and professional presses came and wrote articles about it. They include Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, People.cn, sznews.com, and Electrical Technology of Intelligent Buildings, Intelligent Building, Intelligent Building and City Information, Audio Engineering, Entertainment Technology, Pro Audio Asia, InfoAV China, HC360.com,etc.
To begin with, TAIDEN President Mr. Zhou Qingxu delivered a welcome speech to all guest for their coming and expressed gratitude for their help and support to TAIDEN. He said that TAIDEN will remain committed to the spirit of innovation, and adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship by pursuing perfection, thus making more efficient, energy-saving and reliable products of conference system. He also stressed that TAIDEN by making use of its experience in AV technology and strength in R&D, will come up with more education products, making more contributions to the course of education.
Zhou Qingxu, President of TAIDEN
Then it comes to the launch ceremony, TAIDEN President Zhou Qingxu, General Manager Zhou Qingdong invited representatives of leaders, experts, and business partners to come up stage and press the launch button together to light the anniversary logo, meaning from now on, TAIDEN begins to embark a new journey. After the launch ceremony played the anniversary film of TAIDEN. The film reviewed TAIDEN’s development and accomplishments over the past twenty years and showed congratulations and best wishes from leaders, experts and both domestic and global partners of TAIDEN.
Launch Ceremony
Next, former Deputy Secretary of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee Mr. Hu Mou, President of China Entertainment Technology Association Mr. Zhu Xincun, Deputy President of China Exploration and Design Association Mr. Wang Shuping and Vice President of China Association for Educational Technology Mr. Zhong Xiaoliu made excellent speeches at the. ceremony
Mr. Hu Mou, former Deputy Secretary of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee
President of China Entertainment Technology Association Mr. Zhu Xincun
Mr. Wang Shuping, President of China Exploration and Design Association
Mr. Zhong Xiaoliu, President of China Association for Educational Technology
Later, TAIDEN General Manager Mr. Zhou Qingdong briefed guests on the company’s development history. He said throughout twenty years’ hard work, TAIDEN has grown into an internationally renowned brand and a technological leader. The keys to success are the following two: innovation and craftsmanship, which means to make many firsts and also to make the best in the world. Mr. Zhou thanked a few people in particular who have helped or supported TAIDEN a lot in the past. His proud and sincere words won a round of applause from guests.
Mr. Zhou Qingdong, General Manager of TAIDEN
After the tea break, TAIDEN Director and Vice General Manager Mr. Ye Dongmao and General Manager of Education Product Department Mr. Zhang Qibo introduced new products both in the conference system and education system, which are TAIDEN’s latest work of innovation and craftsmanship.
Mr. Ye Dongmao, Director and Vice General Manager of TAIDEN
Firstly, Mr.Ye showed us TAIDEN G3 Paperless Multimedia Congress System. Since TAIDEN developed the world's first paperless multimedia congress system in 2010, the concept of the paperless multimedia congress system has also been widely recognized and followed by the industry in a global scale. In 2016, TAIDEN introduces its third generation paperless multimedia congress system. It is equipped with a 14" HD LCD touch panel (1920×1080) or 10" HD LCD touch panel (1920×1200), either tabletop or flush-mounted (electric or manual lifting with angle adjustment). This time, TAIDEN introduced a dual-microphone paperless multimedia congress terminal with isolated backup microphone. Working with dual pickups, it can provide two backup solutions, a fully digital dual-microphone high-end conference mode and a digital-analogue dual-microphone mode. Both solutions can guarantee the meeting’s smooth operation when either one of the mic on the terminal fails or link failure occurs in the main system.
TAIDEN G3 Paperless Multimedia Congress System
Next new product in conference system is the New Generation Fully Digital Simultaneous Interpreter Unit, which is the most advanced interpreter unit in the world that complies with the newest international standards. It’s worth mentioning that since 2006, TAIDEN as the editor in chief of national standards for conference systems such as the Technical Code for Infra-red Simultaneous Interpretation System “GB 50524”, and the Code for the Design of the Electrical Conference Systems “GB 50799”, and has taken part in formulation of several international standards for conference systems international standards for conference systems such as ISO 2603, ISO 4043, ISO 20108 and ISO 20109. Being an expert of those standards, TAIDEN always complies with the national and international standards itself. TAIDEN products are always among the first that meet the standards.
New Generation Fully Digital Simultaneous Interpreter Unit
Mr.Ye also introduced the world’s first Professional AV Recorder for Conference by TAIDEN. It is a professional recording system for conference live recording. The system includes Professional Audio & Video Recorder for Conference and Professional Digital Video & Audio Recorder Software Module. With embedded processor and embedded operation system, furthermore, integrating several IT techniques, the system can achieve features of video/audio compressing and decompressing, mass disk storage, TCP/IP control, etc. When cooperating with TAIDEN conference system, audio/video recording of the meeting is realized.
TAIDEN Professional AV Recorder for Conference
Last but not least, Mr.Ye introduced the New Generation Conference Management Platform. By updating traditional conference management software, TAIDEN New Generation Conference Management Platform realizes conference management in real terms, instead of simple device control. Its brand new structure combines data layer, service layer and device layer, realizing centralized management of conference rooms and devices and making it available and operable for multiple devices (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.). With data saved on the server, reliability and privacy is guaranteed. The platform can be connected to in-house mailboxes, making it easier to notice staff. More functions include free setting of user authorization, pre-settable agenda, and live broadcasting, etc.
New Generation Conference Management Platform
Mr. ZhangQibo, General Manager of TAIDEN Education Product Department introduced that with its proprietary digital infrared chipset, TADEIN is applying this worldwide pioneering digital infrared technology to the field of multimedia teaching, introducing the world's first Digital Infrared Wireless Lecturing System. The System provides an ideal audio solution for teaching environment owing to its various advanced features such as high anti-interference, reliable privacy assurance, convenient for managing and excellent audio clarity. Less than one year after introduced, TADEIN Digital Infrared Wireless Lecturing System has been setup in over 50 schools and universities including Graduate School at Shenzhen Qsinghua University, Wuhan University and Zhejiang University. In the future, TAIDEN will continue with its technology innovation and produce more products to satisfy this market.
Mr. Zhang Qibo, General Manager of TAIDEN Education Product Department
TAIDEN New Generation Digital Infrared Wireless Lecturing System
Over the past twenty years, TAIDEN partners, both home and abroad, as well as TAIDEN staff, work with each other through thick and thin, making TADIEN a success as it is today. TAIDEN gave awards to 27 domestic partners and 30 overseas partners to thank them for support and help. Representatives of those companies came to the stage and photographed with TAIDEN President and General Manager. Mr. Ma Lei from Zhejiang Xinqibangwei Company, Mr. Fardad Zabetian from Media Vision (U.S.), and Mr. Thys Venter from Orion Audiovisual (South Africa) also made speeches on behalf of all partners.
TAIDEN domestic partners with the President and General Manager
TAIDEN overseas partners with the President and General Manager
Mr. Ma Lei, General Manager of Zhejiang Xinqibangwei Company
Mr. Fardad Zabetian, CEO of Media Vision(U.S.)
Mr. Thys Venter, CEO of Orion Audiovisual (South Africa)
Before and after the celebration, guests are invited to experience new products of TAIDEN at the exhibition area. In the evening banquet, indulged in delicacies and splendid performances, all guests enjoyed free communication and networking and had a great time.
New productsexperience
TAIDEN President showing new products
TAIDEN Vice General Manager Mr. Zhang Zhishuo talking with guests
TAIDEN staff showing new products

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