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PALME Middle East 2011

TAIDEN at PALME Middle East
May 03rd 2011
TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, with the epochal development – the HCS-8300 series Paperless Multi-media Congress System - took the center stage at the PALME Middle East from Apr 26th to 29th in Dubai, UAE.
As the global leading manufacturer of modern conference systems, TAIDEN exhibited the full-line products including: the HCS-8300 series - the first paperless multi-media congress system; the new upgraded HCS-5300 series digital IR wireless conference system and HCS-5100 series digital IR language distribution system; the HCS-4100/50 series fully digital congress system with more advanced functions and the HCS-6000 series intelligent central control system.

During the exhibition, the TAIDEN paperless multi-media congress system induced many visitors to stop at the TAIDEN booth. They were especially interested in the features “Energy Conserving”, “Environmental Friendly”, “High Efficiency” and “Secure Operation”.





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