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PALM EXPO 2012 (BeiJing)

TAIDEN at the PALM EXPO 2012
May 28, 2012
PALM EXPO 2012 was held in the new China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC). The New Venue, with more than 110,000 sqm of exhibiting space and 1200 stands, accepted 1700 exhibitors from twenty countries with their latest technologies and products.
TAIDEN joined this big event with several new products. The 108 m2 stand was divided into three areas. The prominent area was given to HCS-8300 Series Paperless Multi-media Congress System. HCS-8328 Series Paperless Multi-media Congress System Terminal, with a specially designed super-directional microphone array technology, provides a more favorable venue microphone pickup feature compared to gun microphones. The embedded CongressMatrix™ technology realizes independent adjustment of the volume of delegate’s voices which can be routed to any loudspeaker. Resulting enhanced sound transmission gain significantly increases the distance between the delegate and his microphone. Thus it is possible to reduce the length of the microphone stem and even to cancel it. The perfect combination of the microphone array technology and the CongressMatrix™ technology enables the conference room to stride out of the stem microphone era.
The customized products and solutions for a large project in the US were displayed at one side of the stand. The latest digital mixer HCS-8301M perfectly combines with TAIDEN Digital conference system, providing real-time regulation and observation of all the conference system microphones as well as line input, line output and audio parameters of all simultaneous interpretation channels. This includes also the individual adjustment to each speaker’s voice characteristics and modification if necessary. All parameters can both be stored and executed automatically once the microphone is turned on. A special technical requirement in the project is to enable user-defined interpreter booth combination and splitting. If one venue lacks in interpreter booths, interpreter booths from other areas or floors can be combined via network.
Digital mixer HCS-8301M
On the other side of the stand, TAIDEN exhibited the internet intelligent central control system which supports WiFi or wired Ethernet control, wireless control via iPad, iPhone, and mobile terminal based on Android platform. During the exhibition, many visitors were attracted to the TAIDEN stand to enjoy, test and inquire the products.
Leaders and VIPs of the Organization Committee visited the TAIDEN Stand
On the morning of May 26th, a technology seminar with the theme "The Development Trend Of Digital Conference Systems" was sponsored by the Organization Committee, and assisted by Shenzhen Taiden Industrial Co., Ltd., in the exhibition hall. The major speech was made by the deputy general manager Mr. Eric Ye of Taiden Industrial Co., Ltd. By Combining with the development of the international conferencing industry and TAIDEN development and engineering references, a comprehensive analysis was made about the conference system technology development, the scope of application, product research and future development. Mr. Ye also talked in depth about the conference systems development with regard to network, wireless and paperless multimedia directions.

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