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PALM EXPO 2010 (BeiJing)

TAIDEN HCS-8300 Series World Premiere at PALM EXPO 2010
May 25 2010
PALM EXPO 2010, the 19th China International Exhibition on Pro Audio, Light, Music & Technology, was successfully held in Beijing at China International Convention Centre & National Agriculture Exhibition Center, from May 20th to 23rd, 2010.
PALM EXPO is hosted by China Entertainment Technology Association and has become the leading professional Light & Sound trade show in Asia. The 19th PALM EXPO Exhibition covered an area of over 85,000 square meters, drawing more than 1200 manufacturers & integrators and thousands of visitors from all over the world.

During the 19th PALM EXPO, TAIDEN highlighted the new products – HCS-8300 series Digital Congress System. TAIDEN HCS-8300 Series is TAIDEN’s successful conclusion of many years of intense research on conference systems and is based on TAIDEN originated CongressMatrix™ technology. It is embedding an nx8 audio matrix processor (n is the quantity of microphones connected in the system) in the congress main unit, which prevents acoustic feedback (howl) if audio transmission gain is increased. “Closed Loop – Daisy Chain” connection technology - connecting all congress units and simplifying installation - as well as dual connection backup have been opted for. Supporting 48 kHz audio sampling rate, all 64 channels feature perfect CD sound quality with a frequency response of 30 Hz ~ 20 kHz and S/N ratio > 96 dB(A). The intelligent terminal HCS-8307 is equipped with a 7” high-resolution LCD touch screen and a high-resolution camera to realize multi-media functions. The HCS-8310 series congress unit features an invisible, unobtrusive microphone array - absolutely no view blocking stem or gooseneck. The special directivity guarantees much room to move while speaking and a high audio pickup quality within the sound pickup zone. Optional environment-friendly nameplates are available for HCS-8307 and HCS-8310 series congress units. Dedicated nameplate printing software provides fast, environment-friendly and non-glaring print-outs. In addition, the HCS-8300 Series Digital Congress System is entirely downward compatible with the TAIDEN HCS-4100/20 Fully Digital Conference System.
Among all the conference system manufacturers, TAIDEN was the most attracting exhibitor. Many AV experts, media teams and conference system manufacturers passed by at TAIDEN booth to experience the TAIDEN new HCS-8300 series. All visitors showed great interest in HCS-8300 series products and admired TAIDEN’s globally first ranking R&D ability. Beyond any doubt, HCS-8300 series was the extraordinary focus of attention at the 19th PALM EXPO, attracting thousands of visitors.



Besides, TAIDEN also showcased other versatile products such as HCS-5300 series digital IR wireless conference system, HCS-5100 series digital IR simultaneous interpretation system, HCS-4100/20 series fully digital conference system, HCS-6100 series intelligent central control system, and TMX series professional matrix switchers.


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