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Infocomm China 2012

TAIDEN at Infocomm China 2012
April 15th 2012
2012 Infocomm China took place in the Beijing National Convention Center from April 11th to 13th. . The venue area of 24,000 square meters accommodated more than 300 exhibitors. Shenzhen Taiden Industrial Co., Ltd. participated with the most recent production HCS-8300 series Paperless Multi-media Congress System and other globally leading products which were shown in a spacious product experience area. Some of the classic application references were presented as well.
Shenzhen Taiden Industrial Co., Ltd. is the worldwide leading modern conference systems manufacturer. Nowadays, TAIDEN conferencing systems spread throughout 34 provinces and municipalities in China, and have already entered the United States, Britain, Russia, Italy and 110 other countries and regions. The HCS-8328 microphone array series, the newest TAIDEN HCS-8300 Series Paperless Multi-media Congress System Terminal, were in the spotlight during the show.
TAIDEN HCS-8300 Series Paperless Multi-media Congress System is TAIDEN’s successful conclusion of many years of intense research on conference systems. The system is especially designed for high-end meetings, such as Summits, congresses, parliaments and city councils. The HCS-8300 Series Paperless Multi-media Congress System is based on the TAIDEN independent intellectual property mMediaCongress™ platform. It is never subject to viral infection, is hacker-proof, safe and reliable. The Paperless Multi-media Congress Terminal - equipped with a 7"/10" high-resolution LCD touch panel and an integrated 3 million pixel camera - realizes interactive conference control functions (speech, voting, SIS), paperless meetings, video conversation, various video services and conference services, etc.
HCS-8328 Series Paperless Multi-media Congress System Terminal, with a specially designed super-directional microphone array technology, provides a more favorable venue microphone pickup feature compared to gun microphones. The embedded CongressMatrix™ technology realizes independent adjustment of the volume of delegate’s voices which can be routed to any loudspeaker. Resulting enhanced sound transmission gain significantly increases the distance between the delegate and his microphone. Thus it is possible to reduce the length of the microphone stem and even to cancel it. The perfect combination of the microphone array technology and the CongressMatrix™ technology enables the conference room to stride out of the stem microphone era. TAIDEN advanced conference products were highly appraised by many specialists from the AV-industry. Flows of visitors swarmed into the experience area.

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